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Reservations – main categories below
Escapology- we will be a franchisee/licensee of the following:
  • All bookings and releases will go through their system and their partners.  Unfortunately, none of their platforms/partners are compatible outside of their system and franchise (so we cannot use their platforms/partners for anything else).  Will get the link back to their site, which we need to reference on ours.

All Other Games – we will use for all other gaming in the venue (currently anticipated to be axe throwing and cornhole).  This venue has axe-throwing, and uses the platform:, this venue has multiple games:, this venue has multiple uses (similar to ours):  Ours would be similar, and we could have a link-through (like Mama Foo Foo).  Guests wanting to participate, will need to fill out a waiver form, and we still need to pick a “partner” for this.  Ideally, we would like to have this link through the website as well, and people can complete digitally.

Food – we will also use for “dining” reservations, and simply break out the venue into different areas, where different types of reservations could be made.

Events – we can also use for various “event” reservations, and will look into trying to “standardize” some packages, which can simply be booked online.
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